• Introducing webambulance.org

    The Free Knowledge Movement Association, the Unified Patient Programme of the Teaching Center of the Medical University of Vienna and the OESO foundation are proud to present “Webambulance.org”. It is a learning activity for health professionals to exchange practical knowledge of clinical diagnosis and treatment. Experts will present cases live in webinars, the participants can contribute by chat and […]

  • The BPKIHS eHealth programme opens a Facebook page

    The BPKIHS eHealth programme is moving forwards with the connection of the Fikkal hospital where telemedicine activities will be piloted. A dedicated facebook page gives detailed information about the various activities: https://www.facebook.com/bpkihsehealth?_rdr

  • Telemedicine software training in Dhankuta (Nepal)

    eHealth and Telemedicine Unit of the B. P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) at Dharan, Nepal organized one day training on “Use of Telemedicine Software” at Dhankuta Hospital on 4th April 2015. The main aim of this training was to provide hands on and onsite training to the front line health care professionals working […]

  • RAFT Workshop in Dharan (Nepal)

    Prof. Antoine Geissbuhler (Director of the RAFT Network) visited the RAFT sites in Nepal and took part in the RAFT workshop that was held in Dharan in october 2014. Please find below two images from this workshop.  

  • RAFT and Adverse Events of Special Interest: Askanare-EPI-MAL 002 investigators meeting

    Prof. Alain Gervaix and Dr. Rafael Ruiz de Castaneda from the RAFT took part in the Investigators Meeting of the Askanare-EPI-MAL 002 project that was held in Johannesburg during 22-23 October 2014. This was an opportunity to discuss with colleagues from Senegal, Burkina, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania on the online RAFT training program on Adverse […]

  • Register to receive the RAFT Newsletter

    We are going to launch the RAFT Newsletter very soon to keep you informed about the latest news, courses and other interesting events of the RAFT. If you are interested in receiving the RAFT Newsletter, please follow this link http://raft.g2hp.net/en/  and submit your email address where indicated (please see the screenshot below). We thank you very much in advance. […]

  • The RAFT receives the African Development Bank eHealth Award for Empowering the Health Workforce

    The first AfDB eHealth award recognizes the current work being done in e- and m-health in Africa. It aims to encourage the production and sharing of knowledge on eHealth solutions and provide added value through the sharing of lessons learnt in e- and m-health. One hundred and sixteen high-quality proposals were received and reviewed by […]

  • RAFT presented at the Global Health Research meeting in Indianapolis

    Dr. Cheick Oumar Bagayoko, general coordinator of the RAFT, attended the Global Health Research meeting in Indianapolis, USA, and presented the research and evaluation projects of the RAFT network, and, in particular, the EQUI-ResHus project. To know more about the EQUI-ResHus project: http://www.certesmali.org/equireshus/

  • ITU and RAFT launch the Pan American Telemedicine Network project

    ITU and HUG have announced the launch of a new partnership to support implementation of a Pan American Telemedicine Network to enable the deployment of telemedicine services and tools along with IT enabled diagnostic devices to the regional and district hospitals to address the challenges of access to and quality of health services in remote […]

  • The RAFT is discussed at the European Space Policy Institute

    The video of the conference is available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5D4AyGBpr4w and on the ESPI website: http://www.espi.or.at/film-video Telemedicine via satellite has reached a level of maturity and robustness which has allowed it to be used successfully for the provision of diagnostic and treatment advice to underserved rural communities in, for instance, developing countries. India has a considerable and successful record […]

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