RAFT Workshop in Dharan (Nepal)

Prof. Antoine Geissbuhler (Director of the RAFT Network) visited the RAFT sites in Nepal and took part in the RAFT workshop that was held in Dharan in october 2014. Please find below two images from this workshop.

DSCF3245 DSCF3236


RAFT and Adverse Events of Special Interest: Askanare-EPI-MAL 002 investigators meeting

Prof. Alain Gervaix and Dr. Rafael Ruiz de Castaneda from the RAFT took part in the Investigators Meeting of the Askanare-EPI-MAL 002 project that was held in Johannesburg during 22-23 October 2014. This was an opportunity to discuss with colleagues from Senegal, Burkina, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania on the online RAFT training program on Adverse Events of Special Interest (i.e., febrile seizure, meningitis and autoimmune diseases) and on the role that Bogou, the tele-expertise tool of the RAFT, will play in the diagnostic of these AESIs in a large study population of African children during the next two years. In the image below, Prof. Alain Gervaix and Dr. Rafael Ruiz de Castaneda with some African representatives from the project. DSCN5729


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