Community Guidelines


People at work. We’re a global community of professionals working in and around the global health field. We may not all believe or think the same things. We may approach situations in different ways. We may not even all share the same goals or definitions of global health. So, we need to be polite and respectful with one another like we would in the workplace.

Share ideas and links. It’s encouraged to share links and ideas whether your own or someone else’s as long as you reference the provenance. Links to relevant materials are OK. Copying and pasting a sentence-long excerpt, putting it in quotation marks and referencing the author and publication is OK too.

Make relevant contributions. Contributions should add value to the community. One of our goals is to become a peaceful haven for useful information in the raging storm of social media. So, please, remain within the thematic boundaries of global health.

Use copy and paste with restraint. Share a link or a bibliographic reference when appropriate. Extensive and long quotations without permission can be problematic – even if you reference the source.


Don’t upload illegal content. Our content is stored in Switzerland. Respect the law of the Swiss Confederation. We will delete non-compliant content as soon as we find it, we’ll ban the member responsible and we’ll report them to the authorities.

Don’t upload obscene or offensive material. Otherwise legal material can still be deemed unacceptable for our platform. Members who are caught uploading, posting or sharing obscene or offensive content will be banned without prior notice. For example, don’t use nudity in your profile picture. Keep this place friendly.

Don’t plagiarize. Avoid plagiarism at all cost. On our platform, plagiarism is considered a capital crime, mainly because the platform is rooted in an academic setting. For the purpose of these guidelines, we subscribe to this definition from Brown University according to which plagiarism is “appropriating another person's ideas or words (spoken or written) without attributing those word or ideas to their true source”. Community members who plagiarize will be banned without prior notice.

Don’t spam. Contributions which try to build page-rank with search engines by making links to websites are deleted. Anyway, search engines do not see our community’s internal pages and will not take the links into account. Sending unsolicited bulk messages such as private messages, connection requests or group invites might be considered spam as well and might get you banned. Be careful.

Don’t advertise. Advertisements are not welcome. Contributions that praise, link to, or otherwise try to sell products will be deleted and their author will be banned.

Don’t write in ALL CAPS. On the web, all caps is the typographic equivalent of shouting. NOBODY LIKES TO BE SHOUTED AT, OK?

Don’t solicit or provide medical advice and services. Our community is about global health. It is not the right place to discuss individual patients’ issues. There may be more appropriate venues online and offline for such discussions such as support groups and chats.

We expect these rules to evolve with our community. As a member, it is your responsibility to keep up to date.